WordPress is popular among many website designers, hobbyists, and personal bloggers because of its ease of use, support, and readily available resources. 

More than 43.1% of all websites utilized WordPress in 2022, according to W3Techs. Many popular brands choose WordPress as their website platform. A popular online resource, wpbeginner, lists over 40 popular companies that select WordPress as their content management system (CMS). 

According to BuiltWith, an online tool that provides insight into the software used to build a website, the WordPress platform was used in over 29% of the top 1 million websites. 

Technical Documentation

Technical documentation is a valuable and often underrated tool. If you are experiencing a technical issue the appropriate documentation is vital for determining the problem to resolve it quickly. A speedy resolution is a top priority for businesses that use their website as a booking system or for online sales.

Since WordPress is a popular open-source platform, issues become documented quickly, and dedicated forums answer specific topics. Many people choose to share their solutions as a community effort.

Many companies offer free tips and information on building and maintaining a WordPress website. Here’s a list of our top recommendations:

Free Resources

WordPress plugins are various software upgrades that offer customization for your WordPress website. You can upgrade your search engine optimization (SEO), boost security, add a specialized gallery or unique form, add products, and many more features. These plugins add qualities to your website that enhance the user experience. Choose from over 58,000 (fifty-eight thousand) free WordPress plugins to complement your website. Many of these free plugins include technical documentation to troubleshoot issues. It is simple to install, test, and uninstall plugins to determine if they are suitable for your needs.


Any business that operates online or connects to the internet for services must be security conscious. Websites are vulnerable to cyber attacks, malware, viruses, and ransomware. WordPress offers free and paid (known as “premium”) plugins that provide additional protection against attacks. In addition to various security plugins on the market, WordPress offers regular updates to help protect against known security vulnerabilities.

iThemes Security offers a paid premium plugin to protect against attacks at a yearly cost:

Here are two recommendations for free plugins (that offer paid-for add-ons):


You can easily integrate analytics into your WordPress site using Google Analytics. With this integration, you can track the traffic to your website and the efficacy of your marketing efforts to understand your website better. 


It is crucial to apply redundant backups for your website (a secondary backup is available if your first backup fails). Many hosts offer a primary backup service, but WordPress offers various plugins as a secondary backup solution.


Now that you know some of the benefits of choosing WordPress as a website platform, you can decide if WordPress is the right choice for your next project. Some people choose to build their websites themselves. Those with time constraints may choose a company to provide a server environment, and website design and deliver the ongoing care and maintenance required to keep the website healthy and online.

NurTech.ca (and many other skilled companies) offer WordPress hosting and website design. Click here to learn more.

Regardless, if you decide to go with a website developer or host and build your website, we hope you consider WordPress for your next website project.